Regional Health Reporting System

Mobile Web Application and Intelligent Dashboard: Khyber Pakthunkhwa, Pakistan

Consulting Proposal 

In the northern mountainous area of Pakistan, health care providers and auditors struggle to manage, collate, collect and transfer health data. This is a critical issue that is resulting in poor patient care, staffing issues and limited access to the medication. I was part of the group Monoceros that developed a proposal mobile application enabling auditors to survey the regional hospitals and medical facilities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The data collected would then be transmitted to a health officer’s dashboard hosted on their desktop computer. This dashboard would act as a control point to monitor and alert the health authorities to poor medical conditions in the region.

Pain Points
A number of usability issues were identified such as mitigating linguistic capabilities of auditors by creating a simplistic and limited interface to reduce user error, a need for a validation mechanism to ensure truthful collection of data, GPS tracking systems and a flagging alert model supported by business intelligence to highlight depleting service and supply levels.

Design Practice Study

Case study focusing on the design firm Impactist. The overall design and flow of the study was inspired by the multidisciplinary firm.

Ellen Leather, 2021
Ellen Leather, 2021